What is the cost of nitrogen ?

Jan. 15, 2024

What is the cost of nitrogen?cid=4

Nitrogen is closely related to our daily life. The air contains 78% nitrogen. Many industries require nitrogen as a protective gas.

For example, Nitrogen application in heat treatment industry :

1. Continuous high temperature tunnel furnace (suitable to bright annealing,quenching,sintering,brazing)

What is the cost of nitrogen?cid=4

a.It is necessary to pass nitrogen into the furnace to clear the air in the furnace before the ammonia decomposition gas is passed into the furnace.

b.In some countries where ammonia is difficult to obtain, nitrogen is usually passed into the furnace as a protective atmosphere to protect the workpiece and prevent the oxidation of the workpiece surface to achieve bright annealing effect.

What's the nitrogen cost like?

Next I will introduce the conventional nitrogen supply method and cost

1. Nitrogen cylinders(About USD0.6 per cubic meter)

Nitrogen cylinders generally 12 bottles or 16 bottles as a pallet, the pressure of 150bar or 200bar, a volume of 40 liters. So the storage capacity of each bottle is actually 40 * 150/1000=6Nm3.

◆The advantages of nitrogen cylinder are convenient to transport and use, easy to use high pressure gas.

◆Disadvantages are not only the cost is too high, but also because of the high pressure will have certain risk exist. If in large requirement,have to transport Frequently.

2. Liquid nitrogen (About USD0.21 per cubic meter)

There are generally two types of liquid nitrogen storage tanks, small is called Dewar cylinder, large capacity is called cryogenic tank.

Gas companies will generally send a truck to fill in accordance with the demand,monthly settlement.

In addition to the cost of liquid nitrogen, rent charge is paid to the gas company. Some large gas companies are like Air Liquid, Air Products, Linde, Praxair etc.

◆The advantage of this is the monthly payment is convenient, the price is cheaper than nitrogen cylinders.

◆The disadvantage is that the price of liquid nitrogen is volatile, monthly rental payments are required, and deliveries are often made at night or on days off, which is manpower intensive.

3. PSA nitrogen generator (About USD0.07 per cubic meter)

Nitrogen generator is onsite producing nitrogen, using air compressor to provide compressed air as raw material to produce pure nitrogen, purity can be customized 95%~99.999%.The advantages of this are nitrogen cost is very low, only need electricity consumption, convenient and stable, no traffic restrictions. The disadvantage is the need to pay a one-time cost of equipment, and requires end users to have regular maintenance.

You can select whatever suitable for you. Now in China, because of environmental regulations and city transportation restrictions, 80% factories are using onsite nitrogen generators.