What are the specific characteristics of trolley furnace repair

Dec. 17, 2021

What are the specific characteristics of trolley furnace repair

Compared with other equipment, trolley furnace has its characteristics in structure, operation and repair. In terms of repair, it means more times of repair, more power consumption, more non-standard equipment and more small safety factors.

1. More repair times

Most of the hot processing processes in the machinery factory are carried out at the temperature of 650 ~ 1700 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the masonry of the trolley furnace bears the high-temperature effects of high-temperature ablation and sharp change of furnace temperature. The chemical corrosion of various furnace gas, molten liquid and slag and the impact wear of various materials, high-temperature air flow and molten metal accelerate the damage of the trolley furnace. Therefore, compared with general cold working equipment, the technical status of trolley furnace is easy to change, with short service life and more repair times.

2. High power consumption

Someone said, "the stove is a heating machine". Therefore, the furnace can generate heat, which is mainly the result of converting different power into heat energy. Therefore, trolley furnace is the main equipment that consumes power in machinery factory.

The trolley furnace consumes a lot of coal, oil, gas and electric energy, and the coke consumption is also quite large. In general machinery plants, the power consumption of trolley furnace accounts for about 50% - 60% of the total energy consumption of the whole plant, which can reach more than 80% for professional thermal processing plants. Generally speaking, the furnace has to be heated and kept warm for a certain period of time. Some furnaces have to work continuously for several days or even months after opening, which is very different from the working nature of general cold processing equipment. Therefore, in order to reduce the energy consumption of trolley furnace, it is necessary to reasonably select furnace building materials and carefully maintain and repair the furnace.

3. Many non-standard equipment

Due to the diversity of hot processing materials and processes, as well as the different technical experience and operation habits in various places, the dry difference in furnace structure is very different. Therefore, there are many non-standard equipment in industrial furnaces. In general machinery factories, non-standard equipment in trolley furnace accounts for about 60% - 70%.

4. Many unsafe factors

Trolley furnace is a kind of high-temperature equipment, which is closely related to fuel oil, gas, electricity and dust, and simply causes fire, burn, explosion, poisoning, electric shock and so on. Therefore, the unsafe factor of industrial furnace is much more than that of general cold processing equipment.

What are the specific characteristics of trolley furnace repair